Our Privacy Policy

YOUR PRIVACY:We want to assure you that we take your privacy very seriously, just as we do our own.

YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION:We use the contact information that you provide to us in order to provide you the services you request — no more and no less. We assume that when you leave us a message, you really want us to respond to you (just like in real life). Bottom line: we're not in the business of harvesting your personal details and selling them off. We are in the business of delighting you, whether through creating enduring glass art for you, restoring an old or broken treasure, or teaching you how to do these things for yourself in one of our classes.

PHOTOGRAPHS:We might ask to take a photo of our work when it's installed on location. There are many examples of these installations in our portfolio. If you're uncomfortable with photography around your business or residence, just let us know.

COOKIES:We do use cookies on our site so that we can get a sense of who visited, at what time of day, and so on. We do this for the legitimate business purpose of driving our financial decisions. If you have ever had to live within a budget, then you'll understand that we need to make wise use of our financial resources and focus our efforts where we can expect to receive the biggest reward. We might publish seasonal specials for gift buyers, or reach out to higher-earning individuals with advertising for custom-built windows. We do not use cookies to sell advertising on our site. We hate intrusive ads just as much as you do, and want to respect your desire to review our artwork without distractions or popups.

CALIFORNIA CONSUMER PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION: All companies that serve California residents (that's us) and that have at least $25 million in annual revenue (definitely not us) must comply with the law. In addition, companies of any size whatsoever that have personal data on at least 50,000 people (nope, not us) or that collect more than half of their revenues from the sale of personal data (not us; we never sell your data), also fall under the law. In summary, the CCPA law doesn't apply to our business for two reasons: 1) we are very small and 2) we don't sell your data — ever.